About Us

Our Story

“Our goal is to bring affordable, clean energy to every home in Africa. There, where people have no access to the power grid.”

Solar MD was founded in the summer of 2014 with this vision in mind . Our goal is to develop and manufacture battery systems that store electricity from renewable energy sources as efficiently as possible. Since trade and industry have the highest energy requirements in many countries, the start-up concentrated from the outset on high-capacity storage facilities.

The founders worked on their own battery control technology and monitoring system to make their products as durable and economical as possible. With success: Solar MD’s disruptive battery management system ensures that  residential, commercial and industrial storage systems pay for themselves within just a few years.

Today, Solar MD produces its residential and commercial storage solutions in series and delivers them all over Africa.


Specialise in Commercial and industrial Lithium-Ion battery storage solutions


With Solar MD Batteries you can be protected from power outages and load shedding.


With our web based monitoring solution, SolarMD remotely optimizes the consumption of your system. We offer full monitoring free of charge to all end users.

Leaders in energy storage products in Africa

Want to know about us?

  • Market leaders in  lithium-ion battery storage solutions in  Africa.
  • Voted twice as best solar company in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Product manufacturing + system integration + installation + monitoring & maintenance
  • Suppliers to residential, small business and large commercial & industrial customers
  • Lithium-ion battery storage systems up to 20MWh
  • Fully integrated system design, manufacturing/assembly, testing, quality control and product enhancements/updates.
  • Dedicated R&D division
  • Sales and product distribution via authorised resellers/installers
  • Strong retail brand
  • Protect natural resources
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Solar power is a free source of energy
  • The sun provides more energy than one could possibly use
  • Avoid increasing energy tariffs
  • Take control of your energy situation