Solar MD Logger V2

Solar MD Logger V2

Solar MD Logger V2

Logger V2 is a robust communication device for residential and industrual monitoring and control.

It is specifically designed to connect multiple ernergy devices.

Solar MD Energy storage products as well as provide, records, data, and events from third-party devices, inverters, energy meters, weather stations not to mention other energy devices.


Our management software platform is solely designed to manage the hardware and software of energy devices and to provide a system environment for various applications.

Developed as an Embedded Linux solution, the platform provides various benefits, such as low integration costs through:

  • standardized interfaces
  • high-security standards via certified authentication and encrypted data transfer
  • remote upgrades

Mypower24 platform can either be used:
  • a single energy system (via one Logger V2 like one household for instance) or
  • a cloud connected solutions with multiple energy systems (via multiple Logger V2 (or other) Hardware gateways) an energy grid protocol converter, data miner or telecontrol gateway.

Lastly, the high-performance Logger V2 provides simplistic, quick communication coupled with automatic device discovery and connection as well as remote control access such as management features.

In brief, the Solar MD Logger V2 have a modular design for easier installation as well as device management.


  • Data management system with serial and Ethernet ports for data and event logging.
  • Quick installation and fast plug and play commissioning besides an automatic device discovery mechanism.
  • Network Provisioning altogether with dynamic IP addressing (DHCP client and server).
  • Reliable and secure transmission of operational data, to mypower24 Platform.
  • Remote configuration and management capabilities. Also includes firmware upgrades over the Internet using mypower24 advanced accounts.
  • Above all, it offers simple end-user UI while using their mypower24 user account.

Logger V2 supported devices

Communication interfaces:
Serial port interface RS232 / RS485 (2500-Vrms Isolation)
CAN BUS CANBUS 1/CANBUS 2 (2500-Vrms Isolation)
Relay 1/Relay 2 Dry contact (3A/250VAC, 3A/30VDC)
ETHERNET ETH0 (Internet) / ETH1(Local)
WiFi AP IEEE 802.11g (DHCP server enabled)
WiFi Client ( Station) Connection to Internet (DHCP server enabled)
Power supply:
Micro USB Charger 5V / 2A
DC Supply 9VDC-65VDC
LED Indicator indicates open/active communication
Mechanical parameters (per unit):
Dimensions (H x W x D) 140mm x120.5mm x 34mm
Weight 0.634kg
Mounting system Screw-through flanges
Environmental parameters:
Ambient temperature -40°C to +85°C
Environmental protection IP 20
Standard Warranty 1 year