Solar MD Products

Residential Energy Storage Solar MD Products

Solar MD advanced residential Battery solutions rely on Lithium-Ion technology for streamlined energy storage.

The flexible modular design enables it to combine 3.7KWh (SS4037)  and 7.4kWh (SS4074) battery modules. Therefore, it can achieve different energy storage capacities, according to user requirements. Capacity can be increased through parallel connection of the batteries.

✓ Residential PV Installations for household energy demands

✓ Residential and commercial UPS systems

✓ The SolarMD residential solutions are used with an external battery inverter DC Low Voltage connection. Please find out if your inverter/charger is in Solar MD approved list.

✓ OFF-GRID energy systems

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Commercial / Industrial Energy Storage Solar MD Products

Solar MD specialises in energy storage for commercial and  industrial entities We produce DC and AC coupled Lithium-Ion-Based power storage units. Our Systems can be connected to the utility Grid as well as completely Off-Grid.

Our C&I Products

✓ Our Lithium-Iron Phosphate prismatic cells, extremely durable, safe and powerfull, especially compared to other Lithium-Ion technologies.

✓ All our industrial solutions are built for 15+ years lifetime

✓ Perfectly suitable for Load shifting, Peak Shaving as well as perfect addition to your Renewable Energy plant.

✓ Manufactured in Africa for Africa.

✓ Both the SS4037-02 and the SS4074-01 are also available in 24V and 12V systems respectively.

✓ Both the SS4037-02 and the SS4074-01 are easily and quickly installed with our wall mounting bracket systems.

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Monitoring and Control

With our perfectly matched solutions for PV and battery system monitoring, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software components that combine to enable digital and fully automated management of energy flows. Our product range is completed by tailored services based on the entire value chain.

  • PV
  • Load
  • Utility
  • Battery State of Charge
  • Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS)

    Proprietary Energy  Management System (EMS)

    RS232 / RS 485 / Ethernet / CAN Bus communication

    Interactive system monitoring

    Controls of loads / generator based on preferred input settings – battery SoC, current flowing, cell voltage

    Integration / monitoring and control of all major Brand Inverters / PCS

    SunSpec alliance support.