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Save up to 100% on energy cost with Solar MD

Discover our powerful Solar MD Residential Solutions which combine intelligent energy storage technology and services to store clean, renewable energy at home while opening up significant cost savings.

Energy can be a huge cost factor, with demands increasing daily. Therefore, private homeowners today are no longer just consumers of energy; an ever-increasing number are also becoming power generators themselves, or even suppliers.

In other words, this puts them firmly in control of their energy costs. With Solar MD, you can protect your home against rising energy costs and power outages and switch on today to the energy world of the future.

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Solar MD energy management service is ideal solution for closed mini-grid complexes and estates. We help you with local utility managment on estate level. Distributing energy for isolated grids or connected to the grid and local management hasn’t been easier.


Use Solar MD solutions and technologies. TherefoRe, successfully implement and operate your business.

Combine with PV to fully off-the-grid operation and save from day one. In addition, you can protect your business from power outages and load shedding.

Large scale industrial energy storage systems will reduce your load requirements from the grid. Therefore open up the possibility of reducing your energy demand. For instance, by bringing safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions to industrial projects


Sharing Knowledge. Powering Africa

Solar MD provides on going trainings and expertise with on going installation videos as well as advanced training seminars. Installers can profit from Solar MD know-how and achieve greater success.

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Other services we offer

Solar MD is a specialist in PV (Photovoltaic) and  back-up energy storage and advanced monitoring systems. With products made entirely in South Africa, we are leaders in the Sub-Saharan energy sector.


Operational Maintenance

In house manufacturing and maintenance, where every detail counts

System Monitoring

State of the art monitoring software designed to prolong the life of your system

Estimation of output

Estimate the solar potential of your property and its storage requirements