Wall Mount

Say goodbye to power outages and rising electricity costs – With Solar MD Wall Mount battery solutions, putting the power back in your hands!

Solar MD Residential battery solutions for  energy storage can be integrated with solar photovoltaic (solar PV) system to generate electricity, providing a safe and reliable solution to load shedding or optmised self-consumption in a neat and compact installation.

Don’t compromise on performance & convenience – with Solar MD, homeowners get a robust technical solution that is truly ‘switch on and forget’.


  • No more load shedding
  • Save on electricity costs
  • Safe and reliable – switch on and forget
  • Keep your important loads running at all times
  • Go off-grid
  • No refuelling
  • Silent and emission free
  • Compact and unobtrusive
  • Supplied by clean, green energy


3.7kWh usable capacity
100% DoD
98% Efficiency


7.4kWh usable capacity
100% DoD
98% Efficiency

Wall Mount

Battery-only? Or solar PV plus battery?

We understand it seems complicated at first.

At Solar MD, we take into account your electricity demand and help
you identify critical loads that are required to stay powered under any circumstance. Our system
allows you to update your Lithium-Ion storage solution without a problem.

In the end, our partners recommend the right Residential Solutions for your requirements and budget. And
don’t worry – you can expand the system later.

Every customer and every home has different needs and power requirements, which is why our approved consultants, installers and resellers will work with you to correctly size your system for best results.

Compare our Lithium-Ion battery with a standard gel battery

Solar MD Battery

1 x 7.4kWh (SS4074)

  • 7.4kWh usable energy storage
  • 100% Depth of  Discharge
  • 98% Efficiency
  • 3.7kW continues / 5kW for 60 min
  • 5000+ (@ 90% DoD) – 60% EoL
  • < USD 0.07/kWh cost per Cycle over life time

Lead Acid

8 x 12V 200Ah

  • 7.4kWh usable energy storage
  • 40% Depth of Discharge
  • 80% maximum Efficiency
  • 3kW continues power
  • ~1000 (@ 40% DoD) – 60% EoL (Lead Acid / Flooded or Gel battery)
  • USD 0.43/kWh cost per Cycle over life time